My DIY rig
August 7, 2010 by Andreas Reinhold

I’ve received a few emails about my rig setup for rig shots. It’s basically a very common do-it-yourself rig, consisting of two aluminum poles that can be extended, a clamp to lock the poles, two suction cups with Manfrotto super clamps and a Manfrotto Magic Arm for the camera.

The rig is placed on the car, in an area where the suction cups can not make any dents but still have a flat surface to sit on. I use my trusty old 40D without battery grip for the rig shots, because it weighs much less than my 5D MK2 and therefore it causes less wobbling of the rig. That’s the main drawback of this kind of rig – it wobbles. I need to get a steel cable that I can use to stabilize it in the future. The two ebay suction cups will be replaced with Avenger suction cups. At one point, I would like to make a “under the car” setup, similar to the Automotive Rigs products. BTW, check out next issue of Miata Journal for this MX-5 with a rotary engine from the RX-8!

I was able to get a few nice shots with this rig, more to come!

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  1. August 8, 2010 by Ben

    Great job, so after that, you have to erase the “rig” on photoshop ?

  2. August 8, 2010 by Andreas Reinhold

    yes, the rest is photoshop :-)

  3. February 4, 2012 by Laurent

    where did you install the rig on the beetle ? thanks; very cool shots ! i love it.

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